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IronCrash Guide

ironcrash-medUsage Instructions

  1. Lower the pH, if pH is too high, it should be 7.0.
  2. Use 2 liters of IronCrash for an average size pool (ie.45000 ltr.) if iron is present, and in the beginning of the summer season.
  3. Disperse on bypass into the weir, leave for 6 hours.
  4. Turn back to filter.
  5. Backwash after 24 hours.

To avoid staining in fiberglass, vinyl and painted pools use 2 liter of IronCrash when the alkalinity level is low.

Do not use more IronCrash than recommended.

IronCrash is formulated as a maintenance product.

Do not store above or near other chemicals.

Do not use with other concentrated pool chemicals.