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Multiport Guide

Operation Instructions For Multiport Control Valve

The multiport control valve has six different positions;
Positions in Clockwise order:

  1. Filter: This position is used during normal filtration.
  2. Waste: This position is used when the filter system must be bypassed when draining or vacuuming waste and dirt from the pool direct out of the system to the waste area (ie. drain or garden).
  3. Closed: This position is mainly for maintenance purposes (filter lid to be opened) or when the pump is situated below water level.
  4. Backwash: In this position the flow of the water will be reversed and in that way your filter sand will be cleaned and the dirt send to waste.
  5. Bypass: In this position the water circulates through your system without filtration. It should be in this position when pool chemicals are added.
  6. Rinse: This is the position the multiport control valve must be placed in after backwash, this is to ensure that all the dirty water is out the pipes. If this is not done, a charge of dirty water will end up in your pool.

How to “backwash”

This procedure must be followed at least once every week.

Please remember always turn of the motor before turning the handle of the multiport control valve. Always turn the multiport control valve handle clockwise. Also remove the pipe of your pool cleaner out of the weir before you start with this procedure.

  1. Turn motor off and turn handle to backwash (position # 4)(clockwise). Turn the pump on. Look at the sight glass on the valve, the water in the sight glass will be clear then dirty and then it will become clear again. This takes 2-3 minutes. Turn the pump off.
  2. Turn the handle to rinse (position # 6)(clockwise) This is to remove the dirty water from the pipes, this takes approximately 30-40 seconds. Turn the pump on. Look at your sight glass, it must be clear. Turn the pump off.
  3. If chemicals are added, turn handle of the multiport control valve to bypass (position # 5)(circulate) otherwise turn the handle to filter (position # 1). This is the normal position when in use. Turn the pump on. Relax, enjoy your swimming pool.