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Pool Maintenance Guide

Weekly maintenance for a healthy pool

  1. Backwash 2-3 min (until sight glass is clear).
  2. Rinse until sight glass is clear again.
  3. The following products in these order must be poured in the weir whilst on bypass:
  4. Test pH and alkalinity. Add Hydrochloric acid if necessary.
  5. If alkalinity test shows you to add alkali, add Alkalinity Increase.
  6. Add a flocculent (200 ml) if water is turbid to precipitate the insoluble matter.
  7. Pour 150 ml of IronCrash, if borehole water is used 400 ml for every 1000 l water added.
  8. Add 150 ml of AlgiHalt.
  9. Add 1 cup of HTH dissolved in water into the weir.
  10. Every 14 day’s do the same as above, but before putting in the HTH add a liter of AlgiGrip into the weir. NB clear water does not mean healthy water.
  11. Turn multiport back to filter again after 10 min.

Remember to test your water on a regular basis (weekly) including “clear water”.