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Black Algae

Powder algaecides containing mineral salts will not remove black algae. Only O.A.C. products with the correct carbon chain length will remove and penetrate into the spores, thus preventing re-growth. Again, ensure the pH is between 7.0 and 7.2.

AlgiHalt is one of the most powerful and effective black algae removers on the market.

AlgiHalt contains 500gr/ltr. active compound and, is reasonably safe to use, it does not cause dermatitic reactions should the concentrate get in contact with skin. As AlgiHalt has a strong detergent base the skin will tend to dry out if the concentrate is not removed with water from the hands. Foam is a natural by product of AlgiHalt, but will gradually disappear as the product attaches itself to the pool surfaces. If infestation of black algae is considerable, a second bottle will be required.